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Database Consulting Services

To work with us is like having an elite team of database consultants in your company. Our extensive network of experts gives us the ability to build teams that fit your needs in terms of size, technology and skills.

Performance and Tuning

Most systems have been design to perform in a certain environment that will change over time (i.e. growth of database, increase in use, different type of files...). These changes will make your system less efficient, slower and even unstable in some cases. Learn more

High Availability

In a perfect world, companies would have a database system available, secure and working 100% of the time under any condition. In the real world, it's never the case and, in some situations, it is far away from the 100%. Learn more

Data Replication

With today's changes in the storage industry, cloud systems expansion and new technologies development; Data Replication is a on the rise.
Coupled with the incessantly increase of the size and amount of data, it is a very needed and precise savoir-faire that requests specialized in-depth knowledge and skills that only world class database experts can provide. Learn more

Master Data Management

The high volume of information treated, the fragmentation of the sources and the inconsistency across the databases are some of many reasons that make MDM difficult to implement and explain why high level of consultants with proven skills and methodologies are needed for such projects. Learn more

Data Analysis

The goal of data analysis is to inspect, clean, transform and model data in order to expose useful information in a format that will fit your company needs. Learn more

Database Expertise

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