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Database Services and Remote DBA

In addition to specific consulting services like database performance and tuning or high availability, we provide the expert DBAs you need to administrate and enhance your database environment in a daily basis.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Configuration
  • Administration
  • Optimization / tuning
  • Security systems management
  • System backups
  • Database integrity
  • Transact-SQL Programming

Why Data by Design:

Technical expertise

Access technical expertise and skills which are not available in your company.
Leverage the expertise of our world class database experts and extensive network of DBAs.

No HR brain teaser

No chain interviews, no hiring or firing, no more training / re-training; we already did the dirty job.
All of our DBAs are carefully selected amongst the best at what they do and are passionate professionals.
They will become trustworthy part of your team whether they work on site or on remote.

The right DBA for the task

We propose a selection of DBAs to chose from so you can find who suits you the best in terms of skills, experience, location and price.
If more DBAs are needed for a task, we will help our client create a special A-team for the job by mix-matching some DBAs from different skills, background, experience…

Manage your costs

Enjoy the benefits of high-end outsourcing solution : high-quality alternative to expensive full time staff.
You can manage the size of your DBA department to fit your company needs and development.

High efficiency and responsiveness

Thanks to the skills, knowledge and years of experience we have available, we are very responsive and efficient when it comes to solve the most challenging database problems.

Database Expertise

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